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Presentations & Videos

CISO digest SAP Critical Bug CVE-2020-6287


Learn everything you need to know about this highly critical SAP vulnerability in less than five minutes!

SAP Security Situation Report Q4 2019


On this video, we discuss in detail the results from project ARSAP. Have you ever wonder, “How secure are the SAP systems that are currently exposed to the Internet? Are my assets secure?” Well, wait no more as we have analyzed thousands of systems / data-sources and we have studied the current cyber-security state of the global and regional markets.

The results expressed on this video, corresponds to Q4 2019. On each iteration of project ARSAP, the previous results will be compared against the current ones.

Installing your own SAP Lab - Part 1


As part of our never ending commitment with the community, we are sharing the first video of our “SAP For IT Security Practitioners” series.

On this first episode, we show you how you can download and install an SAP trial version, SAP 7.52, SP01. This video includes the installation and configuration of the operating system and the SAP!

Installing your own SAP Lab - Part 2


On this video, we will show you how you can license and finish the setup of your new SAP trial version, SAP 7.52, SP01

AUSCERT2018 SAP Incident Response, How to Attack and Defend


Our founder and CEO Jordan Santarsieri, sharing his SAP forensic experiences at the prestigious Australian security conference, Auscert.

Spyware, Ransomware and Worms. How to prevent the next SAP tragedy


Is not a secret that SAP is a market leader and one of the principal software providers of the core business applications around the world, nearly 95% of the Fortune-500 companies heavy rely on SAP to perform their most critical and daily operations such as processing payroll, benefits, storing sensitive customers’ information, handling credit cards, logistics and many more.

Due to the “ERP Complexity of the simple things” and in combination with several proprietary protocols, entry-points and default misconfigurations, ERPs are particularly vulnerable to Spyware, Ransomware and Worms, making them the ideal targets for this type of attacks due to the economical significance that these systems hold. Join me on this completely new and highly technical talk, in which I’m going to explain trough several live demos how the different types of malware could impact SAP and what actions you could take to prevent the next SAP tragedy.

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