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SAP Code Review

A Comprehensive Solution for your ABAP & Java Code

Keeping up with new code development is hard, especially when your organization has a big custom foot-print.

Due to the nature of ERP systems and how fast they tend to grow in volume, it makes it almost mandatory to have a robust security strategy around code review, making it a vital part of your overall SAP security strategy.

Without the ability to check custom SAP code, an attacker could inject a single line back-door on any development package, and just wait until that code make its way into production.

At Vicxer, we have developed a set of novel algorithms (in combination with manual techniques) that allow us to detect the most common and not so common attack patterns on ABAP and Java applications in a time efficient matter. We can evaluate your custom code statically and dynamically, depending on your needs.

We can take care of :

Your custom ABAP code, we will review the heart of your SAP developments. We will analyze not just the local code, if not, the interfaces coming and going to / from other systems.

Your custom Java applications, Do you have an extranet or an overly exposed Java application? we will review and harden that app for you.

Your transport management system, We will make sure that your transport management system is secure and reliable. 

Our philosophy and mission

It all started with an idea ...

To provide exceptional cyber security services without compromising the humanity in our interactions with our customers, to respect others, in the same way that we would like to be respected, and to work hard for the benefit of others as we would work for our own.


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