Oracle Siebel Security

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Oracle Siebel Security

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For years, Siebel security was a synonym for audit trails and segregation of duties, creating a false sense of security for many organizations who were investing several thousands of dollars in security precautions, only to find out that they were just protecting the business layer.

While segregation of duties is an important layer of defense, it does not cover the application layer, leaving critical data vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Vicxer has helped some of the largest organizations understand that as with any other software, Oracle Siebel is also a target of cyber-attacks. Without proper security measures in place, it is possible for remote and unauthenticated attackers to completely compromise a default Oracle Siebel installation by just knowing the local address of the system. In addition, they could also perform espionage, sabotage and fraudulent activities on all affected implementations.

Vicxer can help you by providing the following services:

  • Penetration Testing Understand how an attacker could target your implementation
  • Vulnerability Assessment See the bigger picture of the overall security of your environment
  • Training In-Depth train your staff to be ahead of the curve

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