SAP Audits

SAP Audits

We can help you prepare for your next audit

At Vicxer, we know that keeping up with evolving security standards is hard. As a security professional, you are constantly expected to deliver the highest level of quality during recurring audits, without disregarding ever-changing and fast paced business requirements. This situation gets even more complex when it is applied to an ERP system like SAP.

SAP has many layers, components, services and protocols, and not every single company has enough resources or the right set of skills to tackle traditional segregation of duties violations, in combination with the most advanced and esoteric cyber attacks affecting SAP.

At Vicxer, we can help you and your organization achieve a higher level of security. We will start by identifying all deviations from defined standards, creating a clear action path to help your organization close any potential deviations – resulting in reliable results without critically disrupting your budget.

We specialize in:

  • SOX
  • NERC
  • PCI
  • ISO-27001
  • Vicxer’s SAP cyber security recommendations

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