SAP Code Review

Analyze your custom SAP developments
SAP Code Review

A comprehensive solution for ABAP & J2EE

Keeping up with new code developments is hard, especially, when your organization has a custom SAP environment. Due to the nature of ERP systems, how they are constructed and the systems they connect to make applying code review techniques a critical component of any security strategy. Without the ability to check custom code, an attacker could inject a single line back-door on any development package and just wait until that code impacts production.

At Vicxer, we have developed a set of novel algorithms, that allow us to detect the most common and not so common attack patterns on ABAP and J2EE applications in a time efficient matter. We can evaluate your custom code statically and dynamically, depending on your needs.

Vicxer can help you assess:

  • Your custom ABAP developments
  • Your custom J2EE developments
  • Your transport management system

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