SAP Penetration Testing

Our premier offering
SAP Penetration Testing

Prevent cyber-attackers from disrupting your business

SAP Penetration testing is our most popular and most widely tested offering. Vicxer’s professionals have been performing SAP penetration tests across the globe for 10+ years at different Fortune-500 companies, ONGs and military institutions.

Our innovative penetration testing workflow, combines traditional cyber security methodologies with in-depth business application security knowledge, allowing us to not just discover technical issues and threats, but to identify possible disruptions to the business.

As part of our deliverables, Vicxer will craft a diverse set of reports that will accommodate the needs of your stakeholders.

For technical individuals, we will create a fully detailed report describing all detected vulnerabilities and will outline the business impact with step by step remediation instructions.

For the IT security managers and business owners, Vicxer will create a comprehensive business report translating the technical risk of the environment into possible espionage, fraud and sabotage scenarios that an attacker could produce if he / she decides to attack your SAP implementation.

For CFOs, CEOs, CISOs and the Board of Directors, Vicxer will deliver an executive presentation, describing the overall exercise ,summarizing the results and the impact to the business.

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