SAP Vulnerability Assessment

SAP Vulnerability Assessment


Vulnerability assessment is a process designed to identify, classify, correlate and explain, existing cyber security vulnerabilities in your company's infrastructure. This process is used when you need to understand your current risks but proof of existing vulnerabilities is not required (most likely because your company already did an SAP Penetration Test)

By applying a set of novel techniques, Vicxer helps you discover all SAP entry points, obtain a complete list of vulnerabilities affecting the different SAP components and prioritize those vulnerabilities according to the business criticality of the affected assets in order to determine what security issue should be addressed first.

Finally, we will provide you with a comprehensive action plan to quickly remediate all of your vulnerabilities without exceeding the allocated budget.

Vicxer can help you to:

  • Discover all your SAP entry points
  • Analyze all your SAP vulnerabilities
  • Create a clear action path

If you are looking for more information about general vulnerability assessment, please follow this link

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